The Team

Jeff Martin Director of Anchor Capital Investments

Jeff Martin, Director of Anchor Capital Investments

As an international investment-banker, Jeffrey Martin has extraordinary access to Hong Kong, China, USA, and European venture capital communities. He is highly experienced in securities, collateralized lending, international banking, and corporate finance. Mr. Martin has owned and operated several investment firms including co-founding Yorkshire Capital Limited; a Hong Kong based M&A consulting company, closing over 1 Billion USD in deals throughout the world.

Angus Ogilvy, Asia Pacific Representative of Anchor Capital Investments

Angus Ogilvy, Asia Pacific Representative of Anchor Capital Investments

Angus Ogilvy is an entrepreneurial educationist & business growth advisor known for being a dedicated entrepreneur providing a range of business advisory services from funding and growth in the capital markets to branding, customer engagement and well as developing leadership teams to perform to meet world class levels of corporate governance, leadership, stakeholder relations and mind set for building high performing teams. Angus is also an advisor with the International Entrepreneurs Alliance in China and with several Universities to grow entrepreneurship and employability. Angus also has links into SME groups to grow UK Trade with ASIA.

Anchor specialises in financial consulting, financial analysis, stock exchange listings, business plan development, web development and mergers and acquisitions.

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