The Group’s consulting business is undertaken by Anchor Capital Limited in Hong Kong and was established in 2010.

The global consulting industry is a growing industry. According to Plunkett Research, the revenue of this industry will be about US$ 391 billion in 2012, a US$ 25 billion increase in revenue from 2011’s figure. Consulting is a somewhat cyclical industry. A significant growth in the industry was posted during the housing boom period but 2008-2009 marked a challenging period in light of the global economic downturn and shrinking corporate budgets. However, the ever increasing needs for capital and international exposure in order to thrive under global competition has pushed companies in emerging nations to go to consultants to seek business advices and funding resources.

The growth in consulting industry has attracted competitors to jump into the market. Many are inexperienced newcomers who are trying to ride the wave. Anchor sets itself apart from the competition by employing experienced professionals in the industry who can give clients a more objective look on their business strategy. Moreover, Anchor has established relationships with auditors, law firms, stock exchanges, international lenders, private equity funds, hedge funds, and sophisticated private investors who would be interested in funding international projects. The marketing campaigns required by Anchor are focused on advertising its competitive edge and building relationships with new and existing clients. Anchor believes in providing an exceptional service to its clients that will result in a positive word of mouth campaign by satisfied clients.

Anchor Capital Ltd in Hong Kong takes a holistic approach to marketing strategy development and implementation to help clients identify the most effective and efficient ways to move their performance forward. Anchor treats clients as integrated partners and enables them to reach their business targets through close cooperation and support. The Company favours long-term relationships.

Anchor capital Ltd in Hong Kong will continue to expand its relationships with fund sources and build database of prospective client. With a niche market in growing countries in Asia, ongoing research must be done to accommodate the ever changing business regulations and country as well as industry growth.

As Anchor does not focus on one main industry, it is difficult to determine the “average customer” of the business. Clients can come from technology industry, housing, telecommunication, or even industrial sectors. Any business needing funds or international exposure to grow its market is a potential client of Anchor. However, Anchor tries to keep its focus on start-up companies where a major lack of business knowledge and expertise usually occurs.

The objective is to nurture and grow SMEs in growing countries. The Company is committed to delivering value through intensive research of businesses, industry analysis and macroeconomic analysis to determine the best growth strategy for its clients.

Anchor Capital Ltd in Hong Kong provides the best service for its clients through:

  • Industry experience; Anchor's board and consultants have worked with clients in a wide variety of industries.
  • Partner Portfolio; Anchor has established relationships with international funds.
  • Routine market research to uncover new opportunities for growth.
  • Action-oriented focus with realistic target and timeline.

There are six elements of critical success factors to selling consulting services which Anchor highly values in doing business. These elements are trust, well-articulated value proposition, targeted decision making, customization, communication, and persevere marketing effort.

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