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Welcome to Anchor Capital Investments Ltd.

A Professional Investment Business for Companies requiring Capital.

Anchor Capital Investments Ltd (“Anchor”) is an investment consultancy company that provides financial resources, advice and stock market listing assistance to small to medium sized enterprises ("SME's"). With offices located in Hong Kong and Australia, Anchor offers businesses the ability to raise funds and gain exposure to international opportunities through their wide network of associates around the world.

Anchor Capital Investments Limited looks to make direct investments
in companies requiring capital to expand

The Anchor Group acts as an incubator for SME’s who would otherwise have no opportunity to raise funds or be exposed to international opportunities. Anchor’s clients gain access to the stock markets, to private equity funds, hedge funds, as well as private sophisticated investors, allowing clients the ability to choose the most suited funding option for their business.

Anchor Capital Investments Limited as the parent company of the Anchor Group will hold investments of up to 50% of an SME’s capital with investments of generally between US$ 5 million and US$ 50 million as well as providing loans and other corporate facilities.

The activities carried on by Anchor Capital Investments Ltd include financial consulting, financial analysis, listing on Stock Exchanges, business plan development, website development, and mergers and acquisitions.

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